Soup By Volume

Soup on paper!

Print version of blog content is now available  -see The Novels page for more info. 

Meanwhile, if you would like to check out an e-version of the  back catalogue, see below!

The 2012 collection: available FREE :-) 

The 2013 collection: available also FREE FREE FREE :-) 

"Quirky attitude, luminous words: warm, soulful.  Conveniently packaged collection of the best prose from the Wishbone Soup Cures Everything blog. Feel like you're hungry for something but don't know what? This could be the cure. Observation and imagination transform the world into a place of sustainable happiness."

"A second collection of eccentric, pragmatic, imaginative encounters with everyday life from the Wishbone Soup Cures Everything blog. Wishbone Soup is an edible metaphor for finding happiness in a variety of circumstances. Not the blank happiness of owning stuff: the deep real kind that people need if their lives are going to hold meaning. Through the medium of everything; spider webs, frozen fish, a glove with a hole in it; contentment and jolliment appears."

Volume One

Volume Two

I drew that soup can myself too, although my sublimely talented brother added the colour. Both times!

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