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The Small Histories Of Anya Polgarrick

Real life fictionalised: Anya Polgarrick, disappointed in life and love, elopes at 16 with an older man whose descent into alcoholism brings violence, isolation and poverty. She struggles to keep herself and her sons safe. When she eventually remarries, it’s not the happy ending she had envisaged.

Happiness, however, does not elude her. 
Friendships and a random death help to convert her experience and resilience to a gleefully positive force.


5th July 2017. First proof copy arrived - I've got the page numbers wrong and a few design issues to fix BUT it is nearly here...

21 July 2017. Second proof copy arrived. Getting the green light so far. Only a few more eyes to consult

I can't remember, it's all a blur.  I pressed a button, it went to print! Well, print on demand, but there it is, available:

Previously published:

Adventures In Time And Weather

Most of us are more blessed than we know. 
It’s in our nature to be aware of what we lack but, with practice, we can change our awareness.
 This isn’t a How To sort of book though, it’s an invitation to take a walk, through a year in which some things go right and some don’t. Set in Cornwall, England, this is the true story of a coffee addled writer learning that practicing mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment is what fulfils life's potential.

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