Monday, 29 February 2016

Adventures In Time And Weather

Knots in my shoulders, spots before my eyes, I know not day from night, I cradle my coffee with obligated love. 
Oh my gods, do look at this house! There's a family in here somewhere...
After the feverish edits, I have pushed the publish button, I am done with it!
Except for that last convalescent push, where you need to inform people that you have published a book, and wonder if they would care to part with money in order to read it. 
Least favourite bit, the sales pitch, which is either because I am monstrous enough to believe that readers should all ready be queuing up, or because it feels like begging; either way, pride is the obstacle. 
I will go outside now, get some gardening done, reflect on nurturing seeds.

Here are some links for buying paperbacks - ebook edits are to be resumed when dark falls and coffee supplies are in...