The Invoice

Found a new tunnel! 

Sun streams down barely warm in the glacial sky. In hope, washing is pegged to line. The woodpile is low so coal chugs on a damped down fire: enough to keep out ice, not quite enough for comfort.
Dog lies on the sofa, watches everything from one bored eye.
Cat drifts in, to sleep in a corner.
Outside the wind is sharp, light, quiet.
The printer's invoice arrives, and is paid.
Dog is right, it is time to go to the woods and wander off the path.
It cold, I think, as I first leave the house steps, but I do have gloves, two pairs of socks, a sense of adventure.

Path or ditch...?


  1. The tunnel looks quite fun; I've always enjoyed finding and exploring them.

  2. Looking forward to wiggling through this one- after a bit of structural checking! :-)


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